Thursday, December 2, 2010

Viewsat Files

People love to watch television. This is a simple fact that can't be denied. The reason that people love to watch television is because it's fun and it gives them a way to relax. While life can be stressful, watching television is definitely not a stressful experience. When people are watching television, they can enjoy zoning out and temporarily forget about all the things that are causing them stress. It's because people love watching television that there are so many different television programs available. Although television was once dominated by three main stations, it has now expanded to include a countless number of cable, digital cable, satellite and other special channels.

As the range of television choices has expanded, it has also become more expensive to watch television. While television networks used to derive the majority of their revenue from selling advertising, cable television changed this model. While most television channels still sell advertising, most now also charge for access to their programming. Because it means more money in their pockets, this is great for the television companies. However, it's not great for television viewers like you. In order to watch the television shows that you want, you are probably paying a hefty monthly bill.

If you're tired of paying so much money to watch television, there is another option that is available to you. With a free to air receiver, you can enjoy watching a wide selection of television programs without paying a monthly bill. If this sounds too good to be true, the reason that it works is because many of the programming options that are transmitted via satellites are transmitted openly. Because of their open transmission, they can be picked up by anyone. All you need is a FTA receiver, and you too can enjoy the benefits of bringing this programming into your home. Once you purchase a free to air receiver, you will no longer have to worry about paying a monthly bill.

The programming signals that are transmitted via satellite are done so in several different formats. One of the most common formats is to transmit programming as Viewsat files. With a Viewsat FTA receiver, you will be able to receive and watch all programming that is transmitted as Viewsat files. Playing Viewsat files through a Viewsat receiver has several advantages. This type of receiver will give you access to a wide range of channels. In fact, you will have so many channels to pick from that you might think it will be challenging to figure out what to watch. Fortunately, watching Viewsat files through a Viewsat receiver will also take care of this problem. Your Viewsat receiver will provide you with a programming guide directly on your screen. This will make it easy for you to quickly find the programs that you want to watch. Watching Viewsat files will also provide you with an excellent viewing experience. They will deliver clear sound and a crisp picture directly into your home for you to enjoy.

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D4 said...

Just for informational purposes. Most satellite feeds are broadcast in a dvb-s format, not a viewsat format. Viewsat is a brand name of a FTA receiver. Viewsats will do dvb-s but not dvb-s2 which is being used more every day. There are a handful of fta receivers which will decode dvb-s2 such as Azbox, and a few others. As an FTA hobbyist, I play around with fta receivers a lot. I happen to have 2 viewsats. Viewsats were designed to steal scrambled satellite television programming such as dish network. They were used in Europe for the same reason, to steal satellite signals. Back in June of 09, Dish Networked changed their encryption from N2 to N3, leaving fta receivers for just FTA viewing which is very limited. A lot of sports feeds and international programming but not much of the popular stuff.